How to Choose The Right Infrared Sauna – Sunlighten

Important Information to Consider when Purchasing Your Infrared Sauna By Sunlighten With so much information on the internet, researching infrared saunas can be confusing. There are hundreds of saunas online that look very similar, have various price points, and have broad claims about health benefits. The truth is, there are...

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Redefine your biological age

The human body requires a multitude of vitamins and minerals to function, and the best way of obtaining these nutrients would be from our diet. However, meeting the daily nutritional requirement through our diet alone may prove to be an impossible feat for most people. Unfortunately, the state of our...

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Infrared Sauna Benefits for Cancer & Other Healing: What You Need to Know

Article from: More about Sunlighten saunas: When you hear the word sauna, what goes through your mind? Perhaps
 a small, scorching room lined with wooden benches centered around a pile of very hot rocks. Or maybe you think of steam blasting all around you in a similarly close-quartered space...

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