When the gym changes you into an animal. The biggest mistake that most women do at the gym.

When you are beginner at the gym, gym can look like a jungle… You can find there a few kinds of animals: hippo (the big, muscle one), peacocks (this dress up girl with full make up), parrots (that one that talks by phone all the time) and much more. You are an ostrich, that hides his head into the sand, and limited yourself just to treadmill – and this is the biggest mistake that you can do.


Most women start their workout with treadmill and unfortunately this is how they end. But at the gym you need to be a predator – fight for your dream – a fit and healthy body. Start using others equipment’s, this hula hoop looks tempting, go for it, and if you see doe (new kind of peacocks slim and fit, but really working out) on your way, remember it’s your area, and you have right to this hula hoop or weights also! Go tiger!


After few times in jungle, you should start to see scheme, some animals prefer to work out in the morning (cock) or at the evening (owls), but most herds show up around 5 or 6, you need to have your own strategy from tiger to fox, be cunning, try to choose another hour than them. Thanks to that you can skip another territory conflict.


Remember be like a cat – always change territory, don’t attach to any equipment, and definitely not to another tiger, you are not there to find a new herd, are you?  Try something new, check if at your gym there has body combat or body pump (workout witch barbell). Don’t listen to other animals, working out with weights doesn’t make you big, calories makes you big, but those kind of exercises, will make you strong, burn your fat. Never give up, you need to survive in this jungle.


Always remember the fountain, drink a lot of water. If you want to become mix of lioness and doe (strong fit and beautiful), drink proteins before and after workout. It’s a lie that you will be big as a hippo after because of proteins. Proteins helps with regeneration of your muscles, gives you power for workout, helps to burn fat. For our body proteins are harder to digest than carbs or sugar, that’s the reason why you will feel more full and less hungry. Find high quality proteins, without sugar, or extra fat. You can always try Sunwarrior, one of the best proteins on the market.

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Remember the only enemy here is you. You can overcome yourself and be indestructible.



By Aleksandra Broda