So you are not Lazy-Bum-Who-Doesn’t-Run – good for you!

But running doesn’t give you pleasure – you are not smiling anymore when you see your running shoes, and you start even looking for an excuse to skip your training?

I understand… we are just people and there are much more interesting and tempting things that you can do during in 1 hour. You can watch your favorite TV-show, gossip with your friend, or just drink a beer.

BUT DON’T DO IT! You just need more patience and motivation!

Here are some ideas that will help you with keeping up your training:   

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1) Baby…just baby steps.

If you are a beginner – you have only been running for 3 or 4 weeks, don’t overvalue yourself, because you are not a Forrest Gump! Don’t expect that after your first weeks, you will be running a whole marathon. Don’t expect also that after this time you will be the fittest person in the world. Take your time and be patient.

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2) Set a smart and feasible goal.

   Be better than you were yesterday. Try to compete with yourself! If a week ago your record was 3 km, challenge yourself with 3.5km this week. Set a goal that is possible to accomplish, because failure discourages us. Remember  – you are doing it just for you (and your hot body) no one else matters.




3) Measure your progress

There is nothing better than checking how many calories you’ve burned or how many kilometers you ran last week. Maybe is time to create a fit calendar in which you can store your records and even your “running” feelings?




4) Your running shoes will not run without you ! – Be prepared

If you have decided to run in the morning, remember to prepare your equipment the day before so that you will not have any excuse to stay at home because “I don’t know where my T-shirt is”. You can also put your running shoes near to the bed – the shoes will call out to you to stop being lazy!



5) Music makes me lose control!

It can be a perfect way to fight widespread boredom during a run. Thanks to music, you can “isolate” yourself from your environment, and forget that you are tired! Try to find music that gives you power. I am running while listening to Metallica (although I usually do not listen this kind of music). Of course, be mindful of cars or dangers around you!




  1. Play with surface, change the road

Jump, dance and sing! It’s your time; don’t be bothered if someone is watching you, thinking that you are crazy.  At least you are doing something for your body, and mind. If you still feel bored try to change your daily training track – today Marina Bay, tomorrow this nice park near to Little India, if not maybe the treadmill?




  1. Sport event (its not a joke :))

Start to think about participating in some sports events, maybe a short marathon? It does not need to be 50 km, try 5 or 10 km! At the end of May in Singapore there will be sport event promoting healthy lifestyle. Think about it!!




  1. Healthy diet and proteins will help you achieve your goal!

Running should be a lifestyle , giving you pleasure and endorphins, not a chore! Together with a healthy diet you will definitely see great results, because a good diet is contributes to almost 80% of success. Try taking a protein shake before and after a run using good products such as Sunwarrior Protein that can help you achieve results even faster !


Find more information about Proteins here :



dupadupaI am sure that this list will help you with your training. Why Am I sure? Because I am this is what I am doing and it works! Anyway it’s time for my daily training. Remember the weather will never be perfect, but you can be!


By Aleksandra Broda


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