Set of Sunlighten towels – Hand Towel, Body Wrap and Floor Mat

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Naturally anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and deodorizing, this collection of towels are made from bamboo-carbon fibre.

A set of Sunlighten Bath Floor Mat, Body Wrap and Hand Towel

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Sunlighten Bamboo Carbon fiber is made with selected four-year-old bamboo which is air dried, then charred at 800-degree. Ground into fine nano particles, it is added into extruded synthetic fibers to create yarn and then woven into fabric. Extremely soft and luxurious as well as highly absorbent. Because of the structure and composition of bamboo, Bamboo Carbon has a high surface area and a variety of minerals that give the unique attributes of odor absorption, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, excellent absorbency and infrared emission. Bamboo carbon has deodorizing properties as a result of an extremely porous structure and minerals which absorb moisture, prevent bacteria growth, reduce odor and disrupt the spread of germs and fungi.


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