Fig + Yarrow Hair And Scalp Tonic Hair Care (120ml)


Fig + Yarrow HAIR+SCALP TONIC is a wonderfully nourishing, conditioning and stimulating treatment, enhancing quality and appearance of hair, scalp and beard. as our 1 multi-tasker, this tonic may also be used as a post-shave skin-soothing moisture serum, nail strengthener, oil cleanser and, of course, beard grooming oil. We infuse super nourishing oils of hemp, coconut, camelina, argan, avocado, horsetail, rosemary, burdock root and nettles, base oils of organic olive, hemp, camelina, avocado, coconut, argan, meadowfoam and neem, rosemary and burdock. Uses : regular maintenance and nourishment for hair and scalp; improving quality of new hair growth and elasticity, deep-conditioning treatment (steam towel recommended). Add to shampoo or conditioner for moisture enhancement. Smoothing and hydrating serum when used in modest amounts on dry hair. Tingly, nourishing aftershave oil. Directions : apply by the dropperful to dry scalp; massage into roots and draw out through length of hair, saturating dry ends; follow with a steaming towel wrap for deeper penetration; thoroughly shampoo and condition as usual. For persistently dry hair: add modest amount to shampoo or conditioner. For beard conditioning: massage a few drops throughout. For aftershave facial serum: massage sparingly over face.

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