10 things that just true cat lovers can understand (and forgive)

There are a lot of reasons why we love cats. This beautiful and proud animal has been a human companion for centuries. They diversify our lives everyday; most of cat lovers treat them as a part of family. But there are also a lot of reasons why we shouldn’t love them… but we always forgive  – because we love them…


10 things that just true cat lovers can understand (and forgive):


1. Cats always choose sleeping positions that creates obstacles.



2. Dogs come when we call them. Cats get this information, but come later (meaning – whenever they want).

cat3 2


3. Loving cats make his owner sleep on the edge of the bed.



4. Cats can run up to 20km/hour, you can notice this when you give him food… or when you want to hug him.

cat5 2


5. Plants are not made of meat – I can’t explain this to my cat, can you?

A scottish fold cat sitting on a windowsill and eating of houseplants


6. Cats with pleasure will help you with your homework, especially by occupying your computer keyboard.



7. Miał, miał I am hungry, my bowl is almost empty, no, no I don’t want more karma, please, please, I saw chicken in fridge!



8. Cats are not clean, they are covered with saliva (but we hug them anyway).



9.   Are you sleeping? It doesn’t matter every self-respecting cat will wake you up anyway.



10. Today your cat decided to be a Himalayan climber but his mountain is your favorite curtain, that is a sight of love 😉  



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By Aleksandra Broda